Tuesday, July 17, 2012

MCCAB Priorities for 2012-13

Brainstorming MCCAB Priorities for 2012-13
            The MCCAB spent time brainstorming priority topics for the new fiscal year.  These included the following:

Quality of Life:
1. MCFRS: new FS 18 and implementation of EMS reimbursement fee program
2. Wheaton: design & planning of library/recreation center, redevelopment of CBD
3. MCPS: lack of adequate yearly progress at several schools (which can lead to state takeover)
4. Youth out-of-school time programs

1. Understanding the budget process (briefing by OMB at the beginning of the year)
2. Performance—follow up on existing projects under development
3. Wheaton redevelopment/Wheaton library
4. Meeting w/civic groups to get budget input
5. Funding from speed cameras—how it is utilized

Land Use, Zoning and Transportation:
1.    Rapid Transit Vehicles (aka: Bus Rapid Transit)
2.    Traffic management and vehicular transportation issues (TPAR-how this works throughout the County)
3.    Understanding and interaction of planning process
4.    Pedestrian and cyclist safety as it pertains to growing development in Wheaton, Olney (entire mid-county area)—blinking lights when pedestrians are present
5.    Parking and towing issues in Wheaton
6.    Aspen Hill development and related traffic problems
7.    Issues with state managed roads

Executive Committee
1.    Create procedures for important last minute decisions that need to be made by the whole committee
2.    Work on outreach with pertinent departments on a regular basis
3.    Modernizing engagement and voting processes
4.    Socializing outside of committee
5.    Retreat for members at the beginning of the year
6.    Asking members to connect with specific departments
7.    Calendar of major milestones for the year
8.      Outreach to civic groups