Thursday, February 17, 2011

Subject: Dispute Complaint Number 1110132287

From: Steve Morrison <>
Subject: Dispute Complaint Number 1110132287
Customer Name: Mr. Steven Morrison
Date: Thursday, February 17, 2011,
Dear Mr. Tyler,                                                   February 17, 2011

On February 16th, Washington Gas sent 3 workers out to dig up
my shallow (less than 6 inches below the surface) pressurized gas
line for a long abandoned street light.  They followed the linedigging laterally for about 10 feet and down about 2 feet below the surface where  it joined the larger main gas feeder line to my house.  They then closed off the street light gas line at the main and removed the abandoned street light gas line.  I am satisfied that one of my problems with Washington Gas has been appropriately resolved and that the Maryland Public Service Commission was materially helpful. 

Three more problems with Washington Gas, mentioned in Complaint Number 1110132287, have not yet been addressed. 
The first that there are dozens of shallow street light lines in my community where gas street lights were previously removed, identical to my former situation with unmarked, pressurized gas light lines running just below the surface and not sealed deeper down at the gas mains.  These remain a hazard to the community because homeowners can pierce them with a pick or shovel  them when planting a garden or shrubs.   A second problem is that our community still has 3 working gas street lights plus dozens of
derelict, abandoned gas street lights, most of them not quite vertical, most without theit glass globes and without gas mantles necessary to sustain the bright glow for illumination.  The abandoned lights have the shallow gas lines AND their gas flow is cut off by a valve located above ground in the gas light column, even more hazardous than was my situation.  If the landowner tries to take down the derelict, abandoned gas lamp pole, he or she could be surprised and find out that the gas line is still pressurized.  Abandoned gas lights need to be completely removed and
appropriately sealed at their intersection with the gas main. 

Lastly, I complained that Washington Gas diverted calls about matters other than employment, billing, payments and emergencies to call centers in Asia that apparently know nothing and have no authority, but are always polite.  My conclusion that Washington Gas is unwilling to deal with or even listen to its customers is reinforced by my experience at the Public Service Commission in regard to this complaint.  The person who filed a written formal response to your agency  about my complaint, which you forwarded to me, did not provide her phone number, address or email address so I could not communicate directly with her.  Washington Gas' business stategy of preventing the public from communicating with appropriate Washington Gas employees has got to end. 

The assistance of your agency in getting the identified remaining
problems resolved will be appreciated. 


Steven Morrison
Vintage Lane
Silver Spring, MD  20906
301 871-6452

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Gam said...

This is one of the issues the MCCAB's Quality of Life Committee will be discussing at its meeting on Tuesday March 1, 2011 from 7:30pm to 9:30pm in the main meeting room of the MidCounty Regional Services Center on Reedie Drive.

Thanks for your post Steve!-Gam.